Wallaby Childcare – Our Philosophy

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Vision Statement:

Our vision is for all parents to feel that their children are in the best possible hands; being cared for in a safe, secure and loving environment, where they are stimulated to thrive, encouraging exploring and developing a life-long love of learning.

We wish for our children to look back on their time with us with fond memories for the friendships made and experiences shared and see us a cherished part of their childhood

Our Wallaby Commitment:

Wallaby Childcare is committed to delivering great quality childcare so that your children are able to develop and grow into happy, healthy and well-balanced individuals.

Our philosophy is that all children are born with great potential and we are committed to seeking out the best in every child. We recognise the individuality of each child and offer and strive to create a “Home away from home” for all. This means that all children, staff and families feel happy, secure and valued at Wallaby Childcare, thus enabling each child to develop and build on their own unique social, physical and intellectual skills.


To ensure your children get the best care we understand how important the relationship is between the parents, the child and our staff. We are committed to ensuring all relationships are respectful, warm and caring, building a valuable partnership between home and the centre. We continually self-assess and strive for ways to improve our communication and strengthen our family bonds.


We are dedicated to employing the best quality staff and offer ongoing support and professional development. Each day brings promise of excitement and adventure in a truly caring environment.

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