Wallaby Childcare – Nutrition

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Good nutrition is very important for the development and growth of young children. Our staff are trained to teach children healthy attitudes towards eating by being consistent with positive messages about food and nutrition.

Our qualified cook prepares fresh delicious, nutritionally balanced hot meals and snacks daily. By providing a variety of foods for children to taste and enjoy, we are helping to develop and encourage good eating habits.

The menu is planned weekly and put on display on our noticeboard. We also regularly post recipes to our website. Cooking with your child is not only a fun experience for both of you but it can also help your child adopt a positive attitude towards food – even the fussiest eater will eat food that they’ve cooked themselves!

Wallaby childcare is proud to work closely with Healthy Together Whittlesea, to strengthen our commitment to the health and wellbeing our our children, staff and families

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