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Bouncy Caterpillar

This bouncy caterpillar is fun to make and even more fun to play with!

  •  one or two colors of construction paper
  •  scissors
  •  tape or glue
  •  markers
  • cut two strips of construction paper about 2½ to 5 cm  wide and 300 cm long (it doesn’t have to be exact).
  • Optional: cut two more identical strips and glue or tape to the first strips to make two really long strips… this makes a longer, bouncier caterpillar.
  • tape the pieces of paper together in an L shape (be careful not to cover the whole thing with tape so you can draw a face on … it’s best to use a rolled up piece of tape to stick the pieces together).
  • accordion fold the paper (see the diagrams below if you don’t know how to accordion fold paper)

tape as an L 

fold bottom
piece over
top piece

another L

repeat step 2

  • Continue until you’ve folded the entire thing and tape the end
  • Use markers to draw a face on the front of your caterpillar
  • Optional: cut a couple of tiny pieces of paper about 8 cm long and roll them up then unroll them (so they’re curly).  Glue them onto the head as antennas.

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Cotton wool sheep

Animals are a great starting point for some fun craft activities. Make a whole flock of these cotton wool sheep – and have a few rounds of Baa Baa Black Sheep while you're at it.

  • a packet of cotton wool balls
  • 4 x used matches
  • a sheet of newspaper
  • a small piece of black construction paper
  • 2 x googly craft eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • masking tape
  • Scrunch the newspaper into a loose ball. Secure the shape with masking tape.
  • Now glue cotton balls all over it – but don't worry about the underside.
  • Pierce four holes for the sheep's legs in the underside of the body. Now poke the matches in as legs, with the burnt black ends as the hooves.
  • Cut an oval shape out of the black construction paper. This is your sheep's head. Now cut two small leaf shapes for the sheep's ears. Glue them in place, along with the googly eyes.
Now sing your hearts out!

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Create an impressive melted crayon artwork

Simple crayons can make beautiful art – and not just by drawing with them! Line up some wax crayons, rainbow-style, blast them with a hairdryer and they'll melt into a colourful artwork that you can hang on the wall.
What you need
  • Wax crayons – enough to line the length of your canvas
  • Artist's canvas – best to try small first before going too big
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hairdryer
  • Drop sheet or old newspaper to catch any mess

1. Pick out the colours you want to use and line them up across the top of the canvas.
2. A rainbow colour pattern is made here. Of course you can try this with different colour patterns instead of a rainbow.
3.  Using a glue gun, squeeze a line of glue across the crayons.
4. Quickly place the crayons on the canvas in a line, as shown, with tips facing down.
5. Line the floor with a piece of newspaper, place the canvas against a wall, and get your blow drying on.
6. You can start out on high and warm settings and alternate with low at certain points. You may have to experiment a little to see how your hair dryer works with melting the wax. It sometimes splatters a little, so be sure to cover the floor and surrounding wall with newspaper, and turn to a lower setting if needed.

Once the wax starts melting, move the dryer around as needed to prevent splattering and so the wax drips straight down. Voila! Now you have a fun piece of art to hang on your wall.

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